The Terrace – Colorado Springs

A retirement community for me? You’ve got to be kidding? No, we’re not joshing you. The Terrace is where you will find our independent living apartments and even though you may not think of yourself as the “retirement community type,” we invite you to read on.

Maybe the idea of moving into a retirement community makes your face pucker up like you’ve bitten into lemon, an especially tart one at that. Maybe your kids told you “to check this place out.” Maybe you’re just “seeing what’s out there.” Whatever the case may be, you can relax and take a deep breath now. You see, The Terrace is nothing like any “retirement community” you may have imagined. Seriously, not even close.

Did the retirement community you imagined have a private travel agency? How about true restaurant dining with a frequently changing menu of delicious dishes? Did it include a spa? Okay, did it at least include a private gym with trainers to help you with exercise and maintain your strength? It didn’t? Well, then it most likely didn’t include the following either: a heated indoor pool, housekeeping, fun social/educational/cultural programs, concierge services, a Brain Fitness Center, scheduled transportation, and on-site business services.

The Terrace sounds like a resort, huh? In a way, it is. It just happens to have an age requirement and be a tremendous value. So, say bye-bye to that “retirement community” in your head. The Terrace is exactly what you didn’t expect. So stop cringing and come check us out. Even our tours are fun. Seriously.