Live Your Life…Completely.

Photo of a couple holding hands

You can never have a TV that is too big, a massage that is too long, or a community that is too fun. That’s our philosophy.

If you really think about it, places to retire can be divided into two basic groups: A) Those that are fun. And B) Other places.

To belong to group A, a community has to really step it up in the fun department. For starters, there must be a lot of amenities and services on campus. If you want a pedicure, a manicure, a massage, or time with a personal fitness trainer you can get it. Pronto. And a private travel agency would be good, too. And, of course, there simply has to be a pool. Oh, and tons of social events and stimulating educational classes sure would be nice, too. And dining? It has to be great, with lots and lots of choices.

MacKenzie Place belongs firmly in group A. In fact, if group A was a team, MacKenzie Place would be the quarterback, the starting pitcher, the point guard, the…well, you get the point.

We know fun means something different for everyone. And at MacKenzie Place, we’ve definitely got you covered. What’s your idea of fun?