Live Your Life…Deliciously.

Photo of a plate of food

Get your recommended daily allowance of tasty, yummy, and “Oh boy, that was good!”

Dining at MacKenzie Place is exactly what you would not expect to find at a retirement community. It’s super Yummy—notice the capital “Y”. Which is to say, it’s great food, in an elegant setting, without snobbery. And the best part? You’ll dine in a true restaurant. Which means, in the dining room, a real host or hostess will seat you, and your server will make sure your every dining request is fulfilled. And like any restaurant worth its salt (or pepper, I suppose), the menus will change frequently. Your tastebuds will never get bored.

And don’t be too surprised if your server remembers your name, and your dining wishes are automatically fulfilled next time. Personalized service is always on the menu at MacKenzie Place. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner or your favorite espresso beverage at the Bistro, too. Like your double vanilla latte with extra foam, but not too hot? No problem. And you will get it that way the next day, too, and you won’t even have to ask.

Of course, the only way to see what we’re talking about is to give our dining a try. Your tummy, which is probably grumbling by now, will thank you!

Imagine, having your very own restaurant. And your own staff of professional chefs and servers at your beck and call. Oh yes, we imagine you can get used to this lickety-split.