Brain Fitness

Live Your Life…Wisely and Well.

Don’t just keep your wits about you – sharpen them.

We’ve teamed up with some big brains to bring you the world’s first Brain Fitness Center. Our partner, Posit Science, has more than 50 university-based scientists building computer brain workouts for you. They’re a pretty serious bunch. Good thing they hired video game developers to make sure this heavy-duty science is not just challenging, but fun.
Posit Science
“I like my daily brain workout. I’ve got more focus and energy. That makes everything more fun.”
- Max, age 88

Put on your thinking cap and your smarty pants and have some fun.

How does it work? We rely on our brains to interpret experience and define who we are. The Brain Fitness Center programs are designed to improve memory, attention and communication skills. They find your cognitive baseline and then push you hard to enhance your natural abilities. Not too hard. Just hard enough to challenge and help you feel your personal best.

A vital mind is the E ticket to all of life’s experiences.
-Betty, age 62

The Brain Fitness Center programs:

  • Adjust to your needs and performance
  • Require no prior computer experience
  • Can be done individually or in a class
  • Deliver 10+ years improvement, on average
  • Are based on cutting edge science
  • Are challenging, engaging and fun

“Now, I can always find the word. I’m not sure how my husband feels about that, but it makes me happy.”
- Marion, age 71