Independent Living

Go ahead, leave your preconceptions at the door. Come on in and see what Independent Living is all about at MacKenzie Place. A private travel agency at your call? Check. A beautiful spa? Right. Private gym with trainers? Oh yes. And a whole lot more.

Fact is, when you read about it, MacKenzie Place sounds a whole lot like a resort. And the good thing is, when you’re here—living, relaxing, exercising, tasting the great cuisine at our restaurant—it actually feels like a resort every day!

So just think back for a second about what you probably said about your retirement. Yours was going to be different, right? Well, this is the difference you’ve been looking for! A rich, rewarding and remarkable way to truly live your life on your own terms. But even better.

The Terrace is our Independent Living community at MacKenzie Place. It will surprise and delight you and your family. It will show you what independence and peace of mind look like, together, at last. And yes, it’s the difference you’ve been looking for.

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